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  • Alyssum.  White or Purple low growing 5”-6" small dainty fragrant flower 6-8 hours of sun , nice border or mixed flower pot. Protect from frost.
  • Angelonia.  White, Pink, Purple 12" - 24" Spikes of flowers that attract butterflies low maintenance 6-8 hours of sun, protect from frost. 
  • Argyranthemum.  Variety of colors Marguerite Daisy, 18"-24" , full to part sun, cold hardy Regular water.
  • Artemisia. / Wormwood 18”-24" Silver, cold hardy, aeromatic foliage Tolerates poor soil conditions.
  • Bacopa.  White, Pink, or Purple 2"-4" Delicate long lasting flowers. Full to part sun Great addition to any pot.
  • Begonia.  Variety of colors 10"-12" Sun or shade. Protect from frost. Perennials varieties available all year.  Requires summer shade.
  • Calibrachoa.  Wide varieties of color 6"-8", Cold Hardy, Regular water, small petunia like flowers, easy to grow, Full sun.
  • Chrysanthemum.  Various colors Usually stocked in fall, best for potted seasonal color.
  • Coleus.  Variety of colorful foliage 12"-48" Depending on variety, can go year round in right spot, shade in summer.
  • Dianthus.  Variety of colors 10"-12" Fragrant flowers. Cut back after heavy blooming. Perennial varieties also available.
  • Double lmpatiens.  Variety of colors 12"-18" Plant in shady, well drained area, protect from frost, good in pots too.
  • Dusty Miller.  Silver Foliage 10"-12", full sun , cold hardy, Great border plant surrounding other color.
  • Gaillardia.  Yellow & Orange 18"-24", Blanket flower, Florida native that can reseed itself, heat & salt tolerant.
  • Gazania.  Daisy Variety of colors 6"-8" Full sun , well drained, regular water.
  • Geranium.  Variety of colors 16"-18" Full sun, well drained. Dead head for best performance great in containers.
  • Geranium.  lvy Several colors Trailing variety, great in hanging baskets, do not over water.
  • Gerbera.  Daisy Variety of colors 12"-16" plant in sunny well drained area, protect from frost, great cut flower.
  • Impatients.  Variety of colors 16"-24” No dead heading needed, well drained, sun or shade in winter, shade in summer.
  • Impatients.  Double Flower Variety of colors 16"-24" Prefers shade, do not over water, beautiful rose flower, cold sensitive.
  • Impatienst.   New Guinea Variety of colors 16"-18" Beautiful foliage and flowers, takes sun in winter months, cold sensitive.
  • Impatients.  Sunpatien Variety of colors 12" -18" Can tolerate more sun then other impatiens, not cold hardy.
  • Kalanchoe.  Variety of colors 12"-18" Great Winter Color, a winter bloomer that can last thru summer if well drained.
  • Kalanchoe.  Red lips & T fantastic also available. Beautiful succulent foliage, drought tolerant, protect from cold.
  • Lobelia.  White & shades of blue 4"-8" great addition to any pot as well as in the garden, nice as border, always blooming.
  • Lobelia.   Trailing White & shades of blue 14"-18” Beautiful in a pot or hanging basket or in the garden, protect from freeze.
  • Marigold.  Yellow, orange & bicolor yellow/orange flowers 10"-20" depending on variety, full sun, protect from freeze.
  • Pansy.  Variety of colors 6" - 10", cold hardy, full sun to part sun, well drained, flowers are edible & add color to a salad.
  • Phlox.  Variety of colors 10" - l2", full sun, well drained , trailing growth habit, protect from frost.
  • Salvia.  Red, White or Purple Flowers 14" - 18" , full sun, well drained, dead head for best flowering.
  • Scabiosa.  15"-20" unique lavender flowers, (Pin cushion flower) full sun, well drained.
  • Scaevola.  10"-12" trailing growth habit, (Fan Flower) White, pink, and 2 shades of purple, drought tolerant.
  • Snapdragon.  10" - 18" upright growth habit, variety of colors, full sun well drained and very cold hardy, nice cut flowers.
  • Strawflower.  15”-20" yellow or white strawlike flower, easy to grow, great dried or cut flower, protect from frost.
  • Verbena 6"-8" mounding growth habit, variety of colors, Full to part sun, well drained, protect from frost.
  • Verbena.  (trailing) 4"-6" variety of colors, full to part sun, dead head for more flowers, great in pots or hanging basket.
  • Viola 6"-8" Small, Pansy like flowers, full to part sun VERY cold hardy, flower petals are edible and can add interesting color to any salad. Must be well drained soil.