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  • Marsh:   Large fruit with few seeds, white flesh color, very juicy.
  • Ruby Red:   Large fruit with few seeds, flesh is pink to pale red, very juicy.
  • Flame:   Large fruit with few seeds, flesh is darker than Ruby Red, very juicy with excellent sweet flavor.
  • Pummelo:   Extremely large, less bitter than grapefruit, thick peel, seedy, will continue to ripen after picked.


  • Navel:    Large fruit with few seeds, lower acid than most oranges, easily peeled with excellent  flavor, light producer.
  • Hamlin:   Medium fruit with few seeds, early season heavy producer, easily peeled, excellent juice fruit.
  • Temple:   Medium size with many seeds, good flavor with high sugar content, easily peeled, mid-season orange, good producer.
  • Valencia:  Medium size fruit with few seeds, most popular orange tree in Florida, Great for eating or juice, matures late in season.
  • Page:   Small fruit, number of seeds varies, high.
  • Pineapple:  Medium size fruit, seedy, sweet juice flavor, heavy producer.
  • Parson Brown:   Medium size, seedy, good producer of high quality fruit, excellent juice fruit.
  • Red Navel:   Large fruit with few seeds, very sweet with red colored flesh, excellent eating fruit, compact growth habit.


  • Dancy:   Small fruit with seeds.  Older variety with deep red peel color, high quality fruit that is easy to peel.
  • Murcott (Honey Tangerine):   Medium size fruit, easy to peel, exceptionally sweet, heavy producer with deep red flesh.
  • Ponkan:   Large fruit with few seeds, easy to peel, low acid and cold hardy.


  • Minneola:   (Honeybell) Large fruit with few seeds, Very sweet, extremely juicy and cold hardy.


  • Meyer:  Everbearing variety of medium size and many seeds, compact growing habit, extremely juicy, cold tolerant and low acidity.
  • Eureka:  Everbearing, small fruit with few seeds, juicy variety, excellent for cooking, cold sensitive.
  • Varigated:   Small to medium size variety with few seeds, flesh is pink in color, cold sensitive.


  • Key:   Everbearing, small variety with few seeds, greenish-yellow in color and well known for cooking and pies.
  • Persian:   Everbearing, medium size fruit with no seeds, very juicy and acidic, commonly grown for commercial use, cold sensitive.


  • Calamondin:   Small fruit with few seeds, heavy producer, used to flavor drinks, make marmalades and jellies, cold hard.