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  • African Tulip.   Full sun, 50' to 60'x40'. Orange & yellow flowers winter to spring.
  • Bottlebrush Weeping.   Full sun, well-drained, high drought tolerance. Can reach 25 to 30 feet. Hanging branches create a weeping effect.
  • Bulnesia.  Full and partial sun, 30'x40', high drought tolerance. Golden yellow flower spring through fall.
  • Cassia Surrentensis.  Full sun, well-drained soil, medium-sized tree. Yellow clusters of flowers, scrambled egg tree.
  • Cassia Desert Plant.   in sunny, well-drained location. Small tree, 12-15'
  • high. Fragrant yellow blooms 1 1/2" wide.
  • Crape Myrtle.   Full sun, well-drained soil, height at maturity: 10'. Multiple colors of blooms, changing from deep pink to purple. (customer favorite)
  • Fiddlewood.   Full to medium sun, 15-40' in height. Fragrant white blooms.
  • Floss Silk.   Full Sun, well-drained soil, large tree which can grow 30-60* tall. Large blooms usually pink, purple, or red.
  • Geiger Orange.  Full sun, well-drained soil, 15-20‘ in height. Orange blooms can appear year round.
  • Geiger White.   Full sun, well-drained soil, 15-20‘ in height. White blooms can appear year round.
  • Golden Raintree.   Partial sun to full shade, rich fertile soil, height up to 15'. Tropical fern, not tolerant to cold.
  • Hibiscus Standard.   Light shade to full sun, typically up to 8' in height. Multiple colors of blooms most of year.
  • Hibiscus Weeping.   Full sun, well-drained soil, typically 4-6'. Fast-grower, year-round blooms.
  • Hong Kong Orchid.   Full to partial sun, we|l—drained soil, 20-40' in height. Rounded spreading canopy.
  • Jacaranda.   Full sun preferred, large deciduous tree. Prefers enriched sandy, well-drained soils.
  • Jatropha Standard.   Full sun to shade, typically 8' in height. Attracts butterflies, blooms red year round, moderate growth.
  • Lob Lolly.   Native shade tree, can grow up to 60‘ in height. Fast-growing, attracts butterflies.
  • Magnolia.   Little Gem Full or partial shade, 20-25' in height. Small tree with large white fragrant flowers.
  • Magnolia D.D. Blanchard.   Full or partial shade, up to 40' in height, 25' to 35' spread. Large white fragrant flowers.
  • Poinciana Royal.   Full sun, well-drained soil, up to 40‘ in height. Favorite shade tree or freestanding specimen. Beautiful blooms in warm months.
  • Poinciana Dwarf.   Full to partial sun, 6-12' in height. Beautiful blooms in warm months.
  • Red Orchid.   Full to partial sun, weII·drained soil, grows anywhere from 20-40' in height. Rounded, spreading canopy.
  • Tababuia Pink.   Full sun, residential street tree, 20—50' in height. Beautiful pink blooms in the warm months.
  • Tababuia Yellow.   Full sun, residential street tree, 20—50' in height. Beautiful yellow blooms in the warm months..