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  • Aztec Grass.   Typical height 12", full to part sun, well drained soil, tolerates wide variety of soil, slow grower.
  • Blue Eyed Grass.   4' to 6' in height, Full sun, drought tolerant native with wire-like leaves.
  • Cord Grass.   4' to 6', full sun, drought tolerant native.
  • Crown Grass.   3' to 4' in height, full sun, good for small area and as an accent.
  • Dwarf Fakahatchee.   2' to 3' in height, full to part sun, native clumping, slow growing, drought tolerant.
  • Fakahatchee.   4' to 6‘ in height, native easy to grow, virtually no pests.
  • Fountain Grass.   3' to 4' in height, available in white or red, full sun, good in small areas and as an accent.
  • Lemon Grass.   Typical height to 2‘, full sun, citrus flavored grass, great for flavoring, tea and as a garnish.
  • Mondo Grass.   Dwarf height 2" to 4", Regular height 6" to 8", full to part shade, nice ground cover.
  • Muhly Grass.  Typical height 3', full sun, drought tolerant, billowy pink blooms in the fall.
  • Pampas Grass.    4' to 6' in height, full sun, large silky plumes, grows well in almost any soil