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  • Areca   Full sun to shade, Clumping Palm great for screening or speciman planting.
  • Bismark   Full sun 25' to 30' in height, slow growing beautiful speciman palm.​
  • Bottle   Full sun, well drained soil, slow growing, salt tolerant feed regularly.
  • Canary Island Date   Full sun to 40‘ in height, well drained soil, cold hardy drought tolerant.
  • Cardboard   Full sun well drained soil, 3' to 4' in height, sun to part shade drought tolerant, slow growing, low maintenance.
  • Cat   Shade to part sun, 5' height, tropical palm, deep green foliage, great container plant.
  • Chamadorea   3' to 6' in height, shade to part shade, elegant palm, great for interior use.
  • Chinese Fan   Full sun, typical height to 25' drought tolerant, slow growing, fertilize regularly.
  • Coconut  Full sun, well drained, to 40', drought & salt tolerant, wide range of soil, cold tender.
  • Dwarf Royal - Adonidia   Singles, Doubles Triples, Quads Full sun, well drained, 18' to 20' wonderful self-cleaning palm, fine for containers.
  • European Fan Full sun to part sun, well drained soil, slow growing, excellent specimen palm for smaller areas.
  • Fishtail Full sun to part sun, to 20' to 30', clustering habit, fast growing, drought tolerant.
  • Foxtail Full sun to part sun, to 25' in height, spectacular foliage drought tolerant.
  • Paurotis Full sun, to 20', slow growing, multiple trunks, prefers moist soil.
  • Phoenix Sylvester Full sun, to 40' drought & cold tolerant, also known as "WiId Date".
  • Pindo Full sun, 12' to 15' Durable palm with silver blue foliage cold hardy.
  • Ponytail Full Sun, well drained soil 8‘ to 10'slow growing, drought tolerant great container plant.
  • Pygmy Date Roebelenii Full sun to part shade,welI drained soil, to 10' in height, slow growing, nice courtyard speciman, available in singles, doubles, triples and quads.
  • Queen Full sun, well drained soil, to 40' drought tolerant, fast grower, beautiful canopy.
  • Rhapsis (Lady) Shade to part sun, 8' to 10', slow growing, great accent plant.
  • Royal Full sun, well drained soil, to 70' in height, low drought tolerance,moderate growth.
  • Saw Palmetto Full to part sun, 5' to 10', drought tolerant, slow growing speciman.
  • Spindle Full sun, well drained soil, to 20' salt tolerant, slow growing, moderate drought tolerance.
  • Thatch Full sun, well drained soil, to 12' drought and salt tolerant, prefers fertile soil, no major pest or disease problems.
  • Travelers Full sun, well drained organic soil, to 25' fan like leaves, related to bird of paradise.
  • Triangle Full sun, well drained soil, to 15', triangle shaped trunk, not salt tolerant with no pest problems