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​​Arborvitae .  15' to 20' evergreen, full sun to part shade, drought tolerant.

Bald Cypress.  Full sun to 80' in height, deciduous, can take standing water.
Bottlebrush.  Weeping Full sun well drained soil, 25' to 30', drought tolerant, hanging branches, creating a weeping effect.
Buttonwood Green.  Full sun to part shade, 6'to 20' native tree that can be pruned, tolerates wet or dry conditions.
Buttonwood Silver.  Full sun to part shade, 5' to 6‘, tolerates wet or dry conditions, salt tolerant, soft, silvery foliage.
Cedar Evergreen.  Conifer, full or part sun, used as a windbreak.
European Olive.  Full sun well drained soil, 20' to 30' drought and salt tolerant.
Gumbo Limbo.   Full sun well drained soil, 20‘ to 50', good hurricane resistant tree.
Holly Dahoon.  Full sun to part shade, 25' in height, pyramidal crown, dark green foliage with attractive red berries.
Holly East Palatka.   Full sun to part shade, 30' to 45' prefers moist acidic soil, columnar, pyramidal features.
Japanese Fern Tree.  Full sun, to 15' in height, striking ornamental shade tree.
Mahogany.  Full sun to part shade, 20' to 40', common Florida shade tree.
Maple Red.  Full sun to part shade to 60', prefers damp locations, decidous.
Oak Laurel.   Full sun, fast growing to 65‘, full rounded crown and straight trunk.
Oak Live.   Full sun to part shade, to 40, broad stature, long lived, great shade.
Pine Norfolk.   Full sun, adaptable to indoors when small, can grow to 200'.
Pine Slash.   Full sun well drained, to 100', Florida native, tolerates poor soil, and is drought tolerant.
Podocarpus.   Full sun well drained soil, to 30‘ to 50', moderate growth habit, evergreen, can be pruned to shape.
Podocarpus Weeping.   Full sun part shade, 30' to 50, soft billowy appearance of bright green growth, one of our favorites.
Sea Grape.   Full sun well drained, 5' to 25', native plant, fruit attracts birds, salt tolerant.
Shady Lady Black Olive .   Full sun well drained soil, 40' by 25', semi-cylindrical shade tree, another nursery favorite.
Weeping Yaupon Holly.   Part to full sun, up to l5' tall, beautiful specimen evergreen with weeping branches and scarlet berries, shear to shape.

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