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  • Aglaonema.   Interesting and colorful foliage, Many varieties to choose from, variegated leaves, darker varieties require less light, slow growing great house plant
  • Alocasia.   To 4', in height, Shade to part sun, prefers moist soil, evergreen, tropical, clumping plant.
  • Arboricola Trinette.   4' to 5‘, full sun to part shade, varigated leaves, easy to prune, drought tolerant.
  • Banana Rojo Blood.   6' to 8',fuIl sun to part shade, nice tropical ornamental.
  • Blueberry Flax.   To 2' in height, full sun to part shade, beautiful varigated accent plant.
  • Bougainvillea Raspberry Ice.   8' to ‘l0' in height, full sun well drained soil, varigated leaves with red flowers.
  • Cast Iron Plant.   2' in height, Well known for it's ability to withstand abuse. This plant works well in low light conditions.
  • Copperleaf.   Many varieties ranging from 3' to 10', prefers full sun for best color, well drained soil, good year-round color.
  • Cordyline.  Another beautiful plant with many varietal choices. Prefers shade to part sun, 4‘ to 8' with deep pink, red and burgandy shades.
  • Croton.  Many choices of this well known 3' to 5' plant with outstanding color. From full sun to shade a great addition to any landscape.
  • DeviI's Backbone.   Typical height to G', sun to shade, zig zag stem, varigated leaf, beautiful speciman.
  • Dracena.   Many varieties ranging from 4‘ to 10', from full sun to shade depending on variety, good office or garden speciman plant.
  • Exocaria. 4‘ to 6', full sun to part shade, evergreen with beautiful foliage.
  • Ginger Varigated. Typical height 4' to 5', shade to part sun, beautiful varigated leaf, great accent plant.
  • Hibiscus Red Hot.   4' to 6', full sun well drained soil, beautiful red foliage.
  • Hibiscus Snow Queen.   4‘ to 6', full sun, beautiful green and white varigated leaves.
  • Joseph's Coat.   To 3' in height, full sun to part shade, tropical plant with beautiful foliage.
  • Lorapetalum Plum.   Up to 12', full sun to part shade, pretty foliage with pink flowers
  • Mahoe Varigated.   Shrub or small tree to 25', can be pruned, varigated leaves of green,white and red
  • Philodendron.   Tropical plant with many varieties to choose from. Good in the garden or as a houseplant.
  • Pittosporum Varigated.   6' to 8', full sun well drained soil, foundation or border shrub, evergreen, can be pruned, drought tolerant.
  • Rhoeo Dwarf Oyster.   6" to 8" in height, full sun to part shade, great colorful spreading border plant.
  • Snow Bush.   4' to 6' in height, full sun to part shade, soft airy plant with pink and white foliage, year-round color.​
  • Stromanthe Triostar.   2' to 3', part shade to shade, bright colorful leaves, great accent and container plant.