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  • ​Allamanda Cherries Jubilee .  8' to 10' in height, full sun, fast grower, blooms spring through fall, fragrant violet blooms.
  • Allamanda Coastal Native typical height 6' to 8', full sun, vigorous grower, best on fence or trellis, yellow blooms.
  • Angel Trumpet.   Typical height to 10', Shade to part sun, fragrant flowers, blooms spring, summer and fall.
  • Bleeding Heart.   Vine Typical height 6* to 8', full sun to part shade, red/white or red/purple long lasting blooms.
  • Coral Vine.  Typical height 10' to 20', full sun drought tolerant, summer, fall blooms good climber.
  • Ficus Repens Also known as "Creeping Fig".  Full to part sun, vigerous grower to 15', evergreen.
  • Ivy.   Tendrils attach to anything, vigorous grower, needs room to grow.
  • Jasmine Confederate.   To 8' on fence or trellis, full sun well drained soil, vigorous grower with fragrant white flowers.
  • Mandevilla Vine.   Great on trellis or fence to 6‘, full sun to part shade, beautiful flowers in a variety of colors spring through fall.
  • Passion Vine.   Many varieties and colors, this vine can cover 10', full sun to part shade, fast grower with beautiful, interesting flower.
  • Pea Vine.   Vigorous evergreen vine, prefers sun to part shade, not cold hardy.
  • Pelican Vine.   Aggressive grower with large unusual flower, grows in full sun or shade, can be grown inside.
  • Petrea Vine.   Twining vine with rough green leaves, prefers full to part sun, spectacular clusters of purple flowers.
  • Pink Trumpet Vine.   15' to 20' in height, does best in full sun, vigorous grower with attractive pink flowers.
  • Railroad Vine.   12" in height, runners that can cover sand dunes, excellent beach groundcover with pink to red/purple flowers.
  • Rangoon Quisqualis Full to part sun this shrubby vine produces colorful flowers that have a slight fragrance.
  • Thunbergia.   Also known as "Black-eyed Susan Vine", does well on trellis or fence, prefers full sun to part shade, purple flowers